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How Does Pixiu Play a Role in Feng Shui

How Does Pixiu Play a Role in Feng Shui

how to wear pixiu

Pixiu is a mythical god beast in Chinese mythology, embodied with a dragon head, horse body and qilin’s feet, similar to a lion. Besides that, it has a beard under its chin and wings at both sides with flying abilities. It is believed that it can draw wealth from all directions and it doesn’t have any anus, which signifies that it only allow money to roll in and prevent them from flowing out. So Pixiu is well known for attracting wealth luck and good fortune to home and businesses.


How Does Pixiu Play a Role in Feng Shui?


1. It is believed that once you possess a Pixiu, it will help you to attract and accumulate wealth and that is the reason why it is the most popular Feng Shui enhancer.


2. Pixiu also has the power to protect the master from calamity and dangers.


3. If placed in the home, it helps to subdue any evil and serve as a protecting guardian to safeguard the house and occupants.


4. It is also known that it can attract both primary income luck and windfall luck.


5. Appeases the Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui)


Pixiu Feng Shui Uses and Placement


1. It must not be placed in the bedroom, especially facing the bed. This mythical beast is believed to pounce forward aggressively to grab the wealth energy back to where it is positioned. If you have one facing the bed will affect the sleeping quality with nightmares and cause a disturbance.


2. Do not place your Pixiu facing the toilet because it is a place of filth and foul smell.


3. Do not position it to the position that is higher than your head, because it symbolizes that it will bully his master.


4. Besides facing the area outside your main door, it is also good to position it to face the space outside your windows.


5. Avoid placing it near or facing directly towards the mirror, because it signifies chasing it away.


6. Do not touch the eyes and mouth of this celestial beast unnecessary because it uses them to seek for wealth.


Besides the figurine type you always see, you can also wear Pixiu as an amulet in the form of jewelry accessories. The same rules apply, take it off when you are sleeping or bathing.


Always remember the Chinese saying – “Touch Pixiu once good luck comes, twice money rolls in and 3 times promotion up.”


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