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Learn The Best Feng Shui For Your Favorite Jewelry

Learn The Best Feng Shui For Your Favorite Jewelry

Accessorizing or wearing jewelry is not new to anyone in the world. Some wear it for fashion others for more. Jewelry does not only add to one's aesthetic but can also help Feng Shui aspirations.

Feng Shui jewelry is believed to function as a charm, a personal energy booster, and even as a protector. These pieces come in a wide variety that you can match to your personality and preferred style. It comes in different forms such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings. The design can be an auspicious symbol like the popular Pixiu also known as Pi Yao, a natural stone like Jade, Citrine, and Rose Quartz, or even as a prayer symbol like the Red String and Mantra Symbols.

Here are the different types of jewelry and their Feng Shui aspirations and intentions you need to know to understand your favorites pieces and learn how to use them accordingly:

Double Pixiu Lucky Bangle


A necklace is a remarkable piece as it calls attention to your throat, face, and head. It is exposed and can be seen immediately emphasizing your overall appearance. This makes it essential as wearing it can help call attention and compliments.

In Feng Shui, wearing necklaces with birthstones can help activate and boost the energy of the wearer. It can also give the same energy when wearing Chinese horoscope symbols.

Blue Crystal Geode Necklace


Bracelets activate the hands and it is believed to influence decision-making and can help promote thought and judgments. Feng Shui bracelets are also believed to enhance receiving good news, more money, and better fortune since it is located where you accept items.

Traditionally, it is said that wearing bracelets at a funeral or the hospital can help with the Yin energy. It is common to use bracelets with strong symbolism such as the Black Obsidian, Tiger Eye, Black Tourmaline, and Pixiu.

Elegant Moon Stone Natural Crystal Bracelet


Wearing rings on different fingers represents a different purpose. It can signify longevity and good health and best worn on the left hand. For businessmen, it can help to improve interpersonal relationships and status, help accumulate wealth and money luck.

Ring with stones holds the promise of love and marriage, friendship and trust, promise, and purity. In Feng Shui jewelry, it is common to see a ring with natural stones and a metal band. 

Good Luck Ring Leopard Head

In the Asian culture and many other traditions, Feng Shui jewelry help to enhance wealth and windfall luck. It also serves as protection from ill-wishers, negative energy, and bad luck. Feng Shui jewelry is not only beautiful and stylish but also offers positive energy and help fulfill intentions. 

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