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Making the Full Moon Work to Your Advantage

Making the Full Moon Work to Your Advantage

Whenever a full moon shows its face, thousands of rituals take place all over the world. Some of them are for health and cleansing. Some are meant to call on love. Others seek help with their careers. While there are those who harness the full moon’s power of manifestation to make their dreams come true. But some of the most popular full moon rituals focus on attracting abundance into one’s life. The energy of a full moon, together with a powerful talisman like a crystal, some candles, and other money-related effects cannot be ignored. Here are 3 full moon rituals that can help attract money, wealth and prosperity. “Note to note, coin to coin, The flow of wealth I will soon join”
You will need :
  • Three gold coins
  • A green pouch
  •  A small mirror that fits in the pouch you will be using
  1. Wait for the full moon to start this ritual.
  2. Find a quiet room. Dim the lights, open the window and let the moonlight in. No other lights or candles should be on, otherwise, the spell won’t work.
  3. Open the pouch and place the gold coins inside, one by one, followed by the mirror. Be very careful to not drop anything.
  4. Hold the pouch, close your eyes and focus your thoughts on the flow of energy represented by money.
  5. Recite the following three times:
  6. “Note to note, coin to coin,
  7. The flow of wealth I will soon join.”
3 Green Candles
You will need :
  • 3 green candles
  1. Light 3 candles as you focus on the amount of money you would like to attract.
  2. Recite a prayer for manifesting money
  3. Burn the candles at least once a day, moving forward until they are gone.
  4. Whenever you light them, remember your intention to attract a specific amount of money and repeat the prayer.
Moon By The Window
You will need :
  • A wallet
  • Some banknotes
  1. Find a place where the moonlight glows and stand there.
  2. Open your wallet and pull out the banknote with the highest value
  3. Close your eyes and imagine the banknotes flying from the moon to your wallet.
  4. If you want to attract $5000, imagine $100 bills flowing into your wallet until you reach $5000.
  5. When the last $100 banknote lands in your wallet, close the wallet and express your gratitude for the money.
  6. Generate the feeling of actually having the money already in your wallet. Act like it has already happened. Feel it, and be grateful for it.
To increase the ability to manifest even more abundance, not just during the full moon but during any day (or night) of the year, make sure you own a Citrine crystal. It is known as the Merchant’s Stone - a powerful crystal that attracts money. So always place your Citrine crystal in your cash drawer or safe in order to attract financial success.


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