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The Secret Word To A Better Life

We all know that the world is not fair. Some are born with more opportunities in life and some are less fortunate. Yet we will hear about stories of people who have hit rock bottom and yet managed to turn their life around. We have heard of the inspiring stories of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, JK Rowling, Walt Disney, Jack Ma, and other successful individuals that overcame overwhelming challenges and came on top. The secret to their success is just one word: Attitude.

Earl Nightingale is an American radio speaker and author of The Strangest Secret the bestselling and considered one of the great motivational books of all time. According to him the secret to becoming successful in life is attitude. The National Association of Broadcasters National Radio Hall of Famer said: “What we receive from life, what we accomplish, what we fail to accomplish is due and in large measure our overall attitude.”

Some people would disagree that a mere perspective can change a person’s life but those people most likely to question the notion are not successful. Why? Their negative point of view already hinders them from acknowledging a potential solution to a problem. People with a positive attitude will be more successful in life than those who harbor negativity.


A positive attitude attracts positive outcomes. The world operates on the law of cause and effect. Our actions cause certain results and outcomes. Our actions are influenced by our attitude. A good attitude initiates good actions and ends in good results, fair attitude, fair results, and bad attitude, bad results.

How we see things affect our environment and by having a positive attitude, positive events will more likely happen to us. Take for example a person who has a poor attitude towards learning will not learn much until that person changes his attitude. Learning leads to opportunities and just because of a lack of enthusiasm, one has just limited his opportunities.

Now that you know the secret word to a better life, the question is how do you maintain a positive attitude? Maintaining a positive attitude is very difficult in a world riddled with stress, challenges, and hardships, however, it is not impossible.

Here are a few tips for you to maintain a positive attitude.

Be grateful 

Appreciating the blessing and good things around you helps you feel motivated and a person who feels motivated achieves greater things than those who are not. Count your blessings and you will be motivated to pursue to attain more blessings.

Push yourself to be better

Having the desire for self-improvement is the first step in succeeding. Most people fail because they do not have the right attitude to improve themselves. It makes them static and in a world where change is constant, people who do not change end up at the bottom of the barrel.

Empower yourself

To have a positive attitude, you must believe in yourself. You can start empowering yourself by seeing your potential rather than dwelling on your flaws. Practice appreciating what you can do and soon you will realize you have built a sense of confidence that will empower you.

Clear your mind through meditation

A clouded mind forces us to make irrational decisions and these decisions usually have unfavorable outcomes.  When things don’t go our way, we tend to become bitter and resentful, and in such a state we often decide on impulse or heightened emotions. You can never have a positive attitude towards life, your mind is overrun by negative thoughts and unhealthy emotions.

Find your spot, somewhere quiet and peaceful. Just close your eyes and remove every thought in your head. Just relax and enjoy the solitary peace meditation offers. Through meditation, we can clear our heads, see things clearly and have a more positive outlook in life.

Make other people feel happy

There is a sense of enjoyment when we can put a smile on the people around us. Being a good person and making other people happy has a symbiotic effect on us and by doing so both parties gain happiness mutually.

Surround yourself with positive people

Our environment greatly affects our attitude. Imagine living in a world with sorrowful and pessimistic people. You will then realize that after a long time you will become like them too. Always choose the right people to accompany you. Like negative vibes, positive vibes are transmissible. 

Learn to accept rejection

We can’t control every outcome in our life. Sooner or later you will experience rejection. Rejection is very hard to deal with, but we can learn to accept it much easier through practice and self-realization. First, we must accept that there are things that are not meant for us, doing so lessens the pain we feel every time we get rejected. Second, learn to admit and recognize your mistakes or shortcomings then do something about them. If we learn to see what we lack and focus our attention on how to compensate for it, we will begin to see rejection as an opportunity for us to improve.

By following these tips, you can learn how to maintain a positive attitude and lead a successful and happy life. 

October is Positive Attitude Month. You can try out the tips mentioned and see how changing your attitude can make an impact on your life. Try to see things from a positive perspective this month and record significant changes you have experienced. The secret word for a better life is an open secret but only a few people understand the power of having the right attitude.

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