The Strength and Protection Greenstone Necklace

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Have you worn the Strength and Protection Greenstone Necklace? If not, this is something you should watch out for!

This necklace is a traditional Tibetan design that integrates modern and traditional elements. The whole body is carved with mandala patterns, the gathering place of all sages and virtues, symbolizing invincible wisdom and true Buddha nature. In addition, it has the meaning of breaking all kinds of obstacles and cultivating Taoism.

The small button of the gourd-shaped switch on the right side of the box can be opened, revealing an elegant pendant that doubles as a small box where you can hide your secrets. The green stone has been carved into a shape that resembles a lotus flower, with elegant symbols and patterns carved around it to enhance its beauty. The stone itself is synthetic so that it won't fade or change color over time—it will always be as beautiful as when you first got it in your hands!

The box inside was called "Gawu Box; it is a Tibetan transliteration of the trunk of the amulet Buddha; it is traditional yet modern in style, with a beautiful design reflecting strong ethnic customs.

With this gorgeous piece, you'll be able to wear something truly unique that reflects your interests while also protecting negative energy. This would be an excellent gift for yourself or someone who loves Tibetan culture!