Agate Red Bean Love Bracelet

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Wearing a Red Agate could uplift your spirit, open your mind, and overcome your limits. Red agate is one crystal you should keep in mind. It's not only a versatile gemstone, but it’s also a wonder to the eyes.

Agates were believed to be powerful protection amulets, shielding their wearer from the evil eye and attracting good luck.

Agate For Love And Relationships

Agate has a soothing and positive effect on your emotions. When you work with Agate’s energies, the pain will not hurt as much, and the anger will not burn as hot. It will help you maintain a positive attitude even if you are going through something difficult in your relationship. It will support your belief that all the challenges that you are going through are temporary.

Agate will promote stability in your relationship and remove the emotional disharmony. It will allow you to talk about the things that are making you unhappy. It will give you the opportunity to right your wrongs and give your relationship another shot.

You will also become more secure about yourself and deal with the unexpected with confidence. Agate will help you overcome negativity and let go of the bitterness in your heart. It will help you focus on all the blessings that you have and to feel grateful for them.

This stone will show you how you can let go of your anger, expand the love in your heart, and gather the courage to make a new beginning. It will inspire you to fill your life with only good and beautiful things.

    Physical Healing Powers

    The stone’s coolness and smoothness are very therapeutic in their own right, but the energies from the Agate will soon flow also, cleansing and healing as they go.

    When used as an elixir, Agate can stimulate the digestive system and relieve digestive pains, such as gastritis. It can be beneficial to the intestines and the stomach.

    Agate is said to be good for the eyes and healing of the skin. It can help in the treatment of skin-related illnesses and irritations.

    Agate And Wealth

    Agate is a stone that can bring abundance to all aspects of your life, particularly your financial life. When you work with this stone’s energies, you will feel enriched and empowered to achieve your financial goals.

    This stone will strengthen your sense of reality and encourage pragmatic thinking, which can be very beneficial for decision-making, especially if you’re working on a budget.

    This stone’s energies will also prompt you to think on your feet and take the necessary action with wisdom and authority. It will guide you in making the best decisions without putting your finances in a precarious situation.

    The Meaning of Red Bean

    In China, the red bean has another name, love pea, or is a Chinese word that contains a lot of meanings: lovesickness, yearning, infatuation, and remembrance.

    It is said that long long ago, when a man went to war, his wife stood under a tree every day, looking forward to his return. The woman missed her husband so much that she cried every day. After her tears dried up, blood came out from her eyes. When those blood beads dropped onto the earth, a sprout appeared there. And when it grew into a big tree, it was covered with red beans, which just looked like the blood teardrops.

    Wang Wei, a famous poet in the Tang Dynasty wrote a famous poem about the red beans, which made it more well-known as a symbol of deep love. A rough translation of the poem might be as follows:

    The red bean grows in southern lands.
    With spring its slender tendrils twine.
    Gather for me some more, I pray,
    Of fond remembrance is the sign.


    Product Detail:

    • Material: Agate, S925, Gold Plating
    • Bean size: 14.2x7.2mm
    • Weight: 2.15g
    • Length: 16+3.5cm

    Product Inclusion:

    • 1 x Agate Red Bean Love Bracelet