Auspicious Abacus Wealth Ring

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Abacus rings are a very common accessory and usually worn to gather wealth. The abacus symbolizes abundance. Wearing one gives the owner incredible wealth luck. The beads are believed to ring in more sales, ring in more business opportunities, and ring in more wealth.

To attract abundance and money, some people choose to display a Chinese abacus at their business or wear a small one as a ring

Abacus has the meaning of good wealth and meticulous calculation, so abacus is the preferred gift for business gifts. Abacus is commonly used in banks, finance, accounting and so on. Small size gold abacus can be easily carried, such as pendants and rings.

Another beautiful symbolism in Chinese weddings is the abacus. An abacus symbolizes prosperity and wealth as it is traditionally used in computing for income and expenditures. An abacus presented to the newlyweds blesses them with a life full of prosperity and financial stability in their new life together. This is also a wish for the couple to have substantial incomes in the future and that their finances will always be in balance.

Reasons why people love wearing Abacus
  • It is used widely by people of high monetary position, such as entrepreneurs and corporation leaders.
  • It will increase the income of businessmen, store owners, and fiscal planners, ensuring that no amount of money goes uncounted.
  • It will also benefit the careers of those involved with the stock market, banks, and trading industries.
  • It will help the students who are looking to excel in the subjects of accounting, mathematics, economics, or physics. This tool is believed to enhance the ability to think quantitatively and be more nimble with numbers.

Product Detail:

  • Material: S925
  • Stone Size: 1.6x1.2cm
  • Weight: 5.6g

Product Inclusion:

  • 1 x Auspicious Abacus Wealth Ring