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Why Wear a Lotus Flower as a Piece of Jewelry?

In many cultures, the Lotus Flower symbolizes spiritual awareness. It is often used as a symbol of enlightenment. Wearing a Lotus Flower ring is a wonderful reminder of our own individual, unfolding spiritual journey.

The Lotus is Full of Amazing Symbolism

There’s a lot of meaning associated with the lotus, springing from the flower’s life cycle and environment. Here are the main associations:


Although the lotus blooms in dirt and muck, it’s able to lift its head above all this and appear beautiful and pure. Miraculously, the flower never appears dirty or muddy even though it’s rooted in mud.

Like the lotus, then, regardless of your origins, it’s possible to rise above and carve out your own space without stooping low. Wearing the symbol is a constant reminder of your commitment to your values.


The lotus is a reminder to be true to your values and faithful to what you hold dear, as it stands alone. Even though the path may be difficult, and you may be alone, it’s worth holding onto your values.


The lotus appears delicate and fragile, and yet its roots are tough and go deep into the mud. This signifies tenacity, holding on and never giving up. Regardless of how difficult life gets, it’s important to keep fighting and to thrive.


Although the lotus rises above the mire, it remains firmly rooted in place. This keeps it strong and stable. Wearing the lotus symbol is a reminder of the importance of your roots and where you come from, regardless of what or where they are.

Independence and Strength

The lotus shows independence and strength in its ability to rise above the water and stand on its own to bloom as it wishes. Wearing the lotus symbol is a sign of independence and confidence that comes from knowing that no matter what, you’ll tread your own path and to do it with style.


The mud and mess that a lotus blooms in could signify the world, material desires, and the enslavement to these desires. The lotus symbolizes detachment as it isn’t a part of this environment, instead choosing to remain detached.

When to Give Lotus Jewelry

Because of its versatility and symbolism, the lotus is an ideal symbol to gift in jewelry. Here are some ideas when to give lotus jewelry:

  • As a birthday gift to a friend or loved one to symbolize growing up while staying true to who you are.
  • It’s perfect for someone who’s about to start a journey, to symbolize staying true to your values and taking the high road (symbolically speaking).
  • As a Valentine’s Day gift to a loved one to symbolize patience, tenacity, and holding on to your special relationship.
  • As a graduation gift to someone starting a new chapter as a representation of integrity, independence, and strength.


  • Material: Copper
  • Size: Adjustable size

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