Blue Crystal Geode Necklace

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Good Luck • Protection • Spiritual Growth

Geodes are natural rock formation that contains a cavity lined with crystals or another type of mineral matter. Geode comes from a Greek word that means Earth-like. In the healing world, geodes are believed to assists with harmony and creativity from a metaphysical perspective.

There are many different uses of Geodes for each culture and beliefs. Because Geodes came from different crystal formation, they also hold different minerals and energies. According to research each Geode has different health benefits and bolster different energies. 

Uses of Geodes

For Meditation

Geodes help create a positive and lighter mood during meditation. It balances energies that promote relaxation and deepens your mindfulness.

Spiritual Assistance

Geodes help communications between people who are in the same healing fields. These crystal aids in astral travels and are good tools for spirituality and psychism.

For Decoration

Small to medium geodes can be used as a centerpiece to your home or at the office. It can also serve as a paperweight. Bigger geodes can help create a chi flow in areas of your home. Geodes of any size can be split open and polished to produce a one-of-a-kind bowl or dish to house various household objects. 

Product Maintainance:

  • Clean With Soft Cloth
  • Take Off When Sleeping
  • Store Properly
  • Avoid Chemicals
  • Avoid Sweat
  • Avoid Wate


  • Natural Blue Crystal Geode Necklace
  • For Meditation, Decoration, and Spiritual Assistance

Product Detail

  • Stone Size: 45mm to 30mm
  • Thickness: 5mm to 6mm
  • Natural Agate

Product Inclusion

  • 1 Blue Crystal Geode Necklace