Braided Rope Blessing Cinnabar Bracelet


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A vibrant red Cinnabar Bracelet that is pleasing to the eye contains good luck and blessings in life. Cinnabar is a wonderful stone to use if you are looking for prosperity and happiness in your life. 

 Cinnabar is highly useful for removing negative energies from around you and replacing them with positive and light ones. A stone that is also very popular for manifesting wealth and can bring abundance to your life.

Cinnabar Benefits

Health Benefits

Cinnabar can strengthen your immune system and ensure that common bacteria and diseases do not harm you as it can treat bacterial, fungal, and viral infections.

  • Cinnabar Stone has been used for many years to assist with physical ailments and illnesses.
  • Cinnabar Stone can boost your vitality and energy, which is why it is often used to increase physical power and to feel more energized.
  • People suffering from blood diseases should consider the regular use of the Cinnabar Stone because of its ability to heal and purify the blood.
  • By resolving any medical problems in your reproductive system, Cinnabar Stone can also enhance your fertility.
  • People suffering from sleep apnea should consider keeping this stone to relax their body and especially the throat muscles to get peaceful, uninterrupted sleep.

Wealth and Success Benefits

Since Cinnabar Stone is widely known to bring good luck and abundance to the person using it, it is highly preferred by people who are hungry for wealth.

  • This mineral is thought to have is that it can stimulate dignity, vitality, and power. The stone is said to be beneficial in finance, helping merchants to increase their profits.
  • This stone is ideal for you if you want to become a successful leader because it helps you be more assertive without being overly aggressive or domineering.
  • Since Cinnabar Stone possesses the ability to manifest wealth, it is ideal for businessmen as it can enable them to recognize the problems that are preventing them from achieving success.
  • Use the power of Cinnabar Stone to remove any hurdles in your path of professional success and create ease in gaining money.
  • The fact that Cinnabar Stone is commonly known as the “Merchant’s Stone” speaks of its ability to help you acquire and retain impressive wealth.

Spiritual Benefits

You can also attain spiritual grounding through this stone as it helps ground your excess energy via the base chakra, preventing it from being misused or harming you.

  • This stone will also allow you to reach your full spiritual potential by releasing all your fears and preventing you from holding back.
  • Additionally, if you use Cinnabar Stone during meditation it will help you comprehend how energy flows from the Divine source.
  • As this stone is able to improve your visionary abilities, it can highly enrich your astral journeys by letting you experience new visions and assisting you with different spiritual paths.
  • It is commonly believed that the frequent use of Cinnabar Stone can develop shape-shifting abilities.

Love and Romance Benefits

By releasing any negative energy surrounding your relationship, it will allow you and your partner to take a fresh and positive start to your relationship again.

  • Cinnabar Stone has been used since ancient times to enhance personal relationships because of its powers to awaken love.
  • As Cinnabar Stone can boost your feelings of self-worth, it will help you become bolder and more confident in your romantic endeavors and will increase your chances of finding true love.
  • Also, Cinnabar Stone enhances your feelings of loyalty, increases the fidelity in your relationship, and prevents you from indulging in any scandalous behavior.
  • You have the chance to spice up your sexual life by using this stone and improve your intimacy and relationship with your partner through fulfilling each other’s deepest sexual desires and fantasies.

People who use Cinnabar Stone for longer periods of time and more frequently, report better results than those who are infrequent with its use.


To use it safely, these Cinnabar Beads are glass-coated for protection to your skin. It is advisable to not soak it in water and avoid wearing it against the skin in humid or perspiring conditions.

Product Detail:

  • Material: Natural Cinnabar Stone (glass-coated: 100% safe), Braided Rope
  • Chain Type:Adjustable/ Fits all
  • Gender: Unisex

Product Inclusion:

  • 1 x Braided Rope Blessing Cinnabar Bracelet