Buddhist Scripture Heart Sutra Bangle

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The Buddhist Scripture Heart Sutra Bangle conveys the heart essence of what is called prajnaparamita, the “perfection of wisdom or insight.” The Heart Sutra is on the lower end and the shortest sutra consists of just one letter.

The Buddhist Scripture Heart Sutra Bangle is a beautiful and unique piece with intricate design and sutra writing that represents the intention of the Heart Sutra. 

Sutra History

In Jainism, it is claimed that sutras offer the sermons of Vardhamana himself while in Buddhism they contain the teachings of the Buddha, between the period where he gained enlightenment (Nirvana) and his death (Mahaparinirvana). 

Sutra is a Sanskrit means "thread" and is synonymous with Pali, the religious language of Buddhism. Originally, the word was used to identify oral teachings thought to have been given directly by Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) around 600 B.C.

Heart Sutra Symbolism

PRAJNA PARAMITA heart is the specific name of the Heart Sutra. Sutra is constantly unchanging dharma. It is also defined as a path that one should necessarily be passed through in cultivation. 

The Heart Sutra explores one of the fundamental concepts of Buddhism which is emptinessEmptiness, or in Sanskrit, shunyata, is the concept of perceiving events, objects, and ideas without coloring them with the tint of our perception.

Emptiness in this sense is closely related to mindfulness. The Heart Sutra holds that those who allow the practice to carry them through and beyond. 

The Heart Sutra communicates that separateness is an illusion. It’s a tough concept that challenges the way you view yourself and others.

Product Detail

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: German High-quality Polishing
  • Dimension: 58mm x 3mm
  • Size: Adjustable Opening

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  • 1 Buddhist Scripture Heart Sutra Bangle