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[LIMITED PROMO] Buy the Feng Shui Pixiu Ring and Get FREE Pixiu Copper  Lucky Keychain


In 2015, Master Mui, a Feng Shui expert from Buddha Power Store, made this ring available to the public. Since then, the ring has been so famous until the present. Many people have expressed their reviews of the ring, stating that it has helped them in many ways, especially in luck and wealth.

The ring has the Pixiu creature, which is very well-known in Chinese culture as a guardian beast that acquires and at the same time safeguards wealth.

Master Mui also embedded Buddhist scriptures, a sacred mantra known as 'Om Mani Padme Hum' believed to bring vast amounts of divine blessing and divine energy or spiritual energy. 

'Til today, this ring has been called a "lifesaver" for so many people, and it's backed with proof as it has accumulated over 1,000+ positive reviews.

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Type: Ring
Theme: Feng Shui
Elements: Pixiu, Mantra
Size: Adjustable
Material: S925 Sterling Silver

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