Color-Changing Pixiu Gold Obsidian Wealth

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Color-changing Pixiu Gold Obsidian Wealth is the perfect bracelet to wear to attract wealth and prosperity.

Gold obsidian, also known as golden sand obsidian, is a kind of obsidian containing bright golden substances. Gold obsidian is believed to resist and absorb negative energy and protect the body and is often used for divination and predicting the future.

Ancient Chinese Feng Shui scholars believed Pixiu was an auspicious beast that turned misfortunes into auspiciousness. Pixiu feeds on wealth. Pixiu can keep and attract wealth and has the effect of protecting the Lord. Pixiu can keep wealth from being lost and increase money and wealth. Since Pixiu has rich meanings, it can ward off evil spirits, eliminate disasters, and attract wealth and prosperity.

In addition, this Color-Changing Pixiu Gold Obsidian Wealth was made from authentic gold obsidian sizes 12mm and 14mm for women and men, respectively.

Just like the famous Feng Shui Bracelet, this too has so many benefits that it could offer, one of which is that it can easily attract luck and wealth. Therefore, you should wear it appropriately to acquire the wealth you've been dreaming about.