Crystal Gemstone Water Bottle

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Nothing is quite as cool and refreshing after a hot yoga class as crystal-infused water. Choose the gemstone that you vibe with the most, amethyst, crystal quartz, citrine, rose quartz and smokey quartz.

Infuse your crystal clear water with actual crystals and gemstones. The bottle is made of glass and stainless steel and holds 550ml (18Oz) of crystal clear energizing water.

The bottles come apart into three pieces (lid/insert and glass bottle) making them easy to clean. The crystals are wired in thru a drilled hole so that no adhesive comes into contact with your infused water.


You may have seen these water bottles before in high-end health food stores. But don't be fooled by high-end prices. Most retail shops charge a LOT for these water bottles (a lot!) - as we are the source for many retail outlets, we are able to offer you as close to a wholesale price as is possible! Our quality is top-notch! And every bottle is guaranteed.


BEWARE of others who sell cheap imitations. Our quality is by far the best on the Internet.

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