Double Pixiu Windfall Luck Bracelet


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If you're looking for good luck and wealth, the Double Pixiu Windfall Luck Bracelet is for you.

This bracelet is made of 9-house Eight-Diagram sterling silver, which means it has been engraved with the nine houses in a circle. It is also engraved with a turtle's back. The outer circle represents the zodiac, while the inner circle represents the turtle-back nine-house.

This power bracelet contains Pixiu, one of China's five auspicious beasts and one of the five golden eyes of wealth. This comes from ancient times when Pixiu was given the title of "Tianlu Beast," meaning that it was given blessings by god(s). In addition, it protects treasures for emperors and is also a symbol of royal families in China.

As if that weren't enough to excite you about this bracelet, we have three sizes available—18CM, 20CM, or 22CM —so you can choose which size will fit your wrist best!