Elegant Leopard Head Bracelet

Rose Gold

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Stunning cuff bracelet featuring a leopard head design with sparkly clear crystals. This bracelet will surely go well with any color and item you pair it with. This is the perfect bracelet to wear for any special occasion. This bracelet will surely add a touch of glamour to any look.

The leopard symbolizes the perfect combination of speed and power. With both beautiful fur and sharp claws, ability and charm are his proud capital. Leopards are undoubtedly loved and enviable.

The Symbolism of the Leopard 

  • Leopards are very powerful animals, so people protected by leopard totems are very unique and powerful. Their strength comes from their strong self-confidence and ability, and the deep impression they leave on people. They can often become mentors to others, provide relevant advice to others and have the ability to solve almost any problems. 
  • They are also very ambitious, they know what their goals in life are and how to achieve them 
  • The message of leopard symbolism is that now you must tap your own natural hunting nature. No matter what you desire, you must wake up the hunter inside to obtain it. You must pursue your desires with your passion, you must let go of your fears and become a ferocious hunter. 
  • The symbolic meaning of the leopard is that it is secret to everything it does, and the leopard will hide in the woods. Taking advantage of the darkness of the night, he is the king of the night. 
  • Leopard is reminding you that there will always be a period of rebirth after a period of pain. This big cat is a healer of deep wounds and will solve old problems by restoring lost power. 
  • This mysterious big cat lets you know that you need to accept your own position, and you cannot hide your true self. Therefore, don't hide because of your current weakness, you have the power to get everything you dream of. 
  • Leopards are lonely animals, and the qualities that leopards bring are the power to believe in their intuition and how to learn to be alone.

Product Detail

  • Type: Leopard Head Ring
  • Color: Gold, Silver, Rose Gold

Product Inclusion

  • 1 x Elegant Leopard Head Bracelet