Elegant Bamboo Pendant Necklace

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The Elegant Bamboo Pendant Necklace symbolizes the lucky bamboo and its charm. In Feng Shui,  the lucky bamboo plant is considered to bring good luck and prosperity. It is also known to enhance the flow of positive energy.

The Elegant Bamboo Pendant Necklace bamboo represents the element of wood and is known to create a sense of balance and safety in life.

Wear this elegant piece every day to accessorize your look or on special occasions. A beautiful present for your loved ones and friends.

Lucky Bamboo In Feng Shu

According to Feng Shui enthusiast,  lucky bamboo is an amazing plant that brings peaceful and wise energy into your home. Because bamboos grow tall and stand firm even when faced with strong winds, it is believed that this plant symbolizes the ultimate wisdom. The meaning of bamboo is correlated to its flexible and hollow inside where the spirit is said to freely flow and heal your being. 

A gift of lucky bamboo symbolizes the wish for a strong life filled with prosperity. If you are giving lucky bamboo as a gift, the number of stalks given determines the type of blessing being bestowed. 

Product Detail:

  • Theme: Feng Shui
  • Material: Crystal and Alloy
  • Plating: Gold Plating

Product Inclusion:

  • 1 Piece Elegant Bamboo Pendant Necklace