Elegant Green Jade Wealth Bracelet

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This Elegant Green Jade Wealth Bracelet is designed to invite prosperity and abundance into your life. When you wear jade jewelry, it helps you achieve your goals by attracting and magnifying positive energy and emotions such as peace, wisdom, and harmony. Designed as wearable Feng Shui formulated jewelry, jade stones work to boost prosperity in all areas of your life. A traditional gemstone of abundance, jade brings harmony and happiness to your business and family life. As an Earth element, jade jewelry promotes the flow of money and success into the wearer’s life.

Why You Should Use Green Jade?

  • Green Jade is a receptive and protective stone that wards off negative energies that surround you. This stone will also guide you in attaining your goals, but you have to pair it with bloodstone.
  • Apart from that, green jade will teach you how to become more resourceful and creative. The stone will also motivate you not to be hindered thru your self-imposed restrictions.
  • Green Jade can also help you in turning your dreams into reality. Another reason to use this stone is that it brings harmony and peace, most especially during conflicted and tense situations.
  • It’ll make you realize that when everything is in balance and at peace, it’ll be easier to achieve and manifest your goals.
  • Green Jade will also offer you prolonged existence so that you will be able to halt in the game as well as rise to various types of challenges. This stone will help you in making a life that is more fulfilling and richer.


Green Jade Benefits: What You Need to Know?

For Wealth

  • This stone has been known to help your creativity and offer innovative and new ideas. Green jade, on the other hand, will bring a better understanding of your personal dreams.
  • When you experience a major failure or disappointment in your life, this will aid you in recovering.
  • Other than that, green will help you make the right decisions especially with regards to your business and career.
  • The stone also assists in improving imagination and creativity, making rooms for groundbreaking and fresh ideas.
  • This variety of Jade will guide you in acknowledging your talents and gifts which may help you in achieving your dreams and goals.

For Health and Healing

  • When Green jade is pair with Mookaite Jasper, this stone will give off calming as well as strong vibrations.
  • Apart from being the stone of the heart, green jade will improve and strengthen the functions of the spleen, kidneys, and even the adrenal glands.
  • This stone also helps in the treatment of diseases associated with the nervous system. With green jade, you will be able to combat the various effects of depression and eliminate stress. In fact, it also dispels nightmares and bad dreams.
  • Nonetheless, it aids in the treatment of reproductive problems as well as with childbirth and pregnancy.

For Relationship and Love

  • When you’re in a chaotic environment this stone will aid you in achieving peace and calm. It’ll also remove negative energies and make a way for more uplifting and positive ones. Whenever you feel under attack, you may also take advantage of green jade since it’ll provide you with a gift to fight.  
  • Green Jade is also a very supportive and helpful stone particularly when you are solving negative situations and adjusting to a new environment.
  • However, when you see yourself in an unhappy and negative relationship, this stone will keep you optimistic and strong. Actually, it’ll also motivate you to have a more positive and healthier look and aid you in processing your sadness, hurt, and anger.


  • Material: Jade, S925

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Elegant Green Jade Wealth Bracelet


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