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The Lotus Flower symbolizes the ultimate perfection; its purity is untouched by the mud from which it originates. In Chinese medicine, every part of the lotus plant, from roots to petals, has medicinal properties, thus making this symbol an even more potent feng shui cure for a healthy and harmonious home.


Symbol for Spiritual Enlightenment

The meaning of the lotus flower symbol comes from an analogy derived from the flower's life cycle, where all humans are born into a world of suffering where they must learn to overcome difficult times so that they can become a better person and reach spiritual enlightenment. The muddy waters represent the struggles of life, the bud of the flower represents a person that has not yet reached their full potential, and the blossoming lotus flower above the water represents someone who has achieved nirvana and let go of worldly suffering.

Symbol for Purity

The lotus flower emerges from murky waters perfectly clean and beautiful, so it is also a symbol of purity. The meaning of the lotus flower holds such power because it can offer hope and strength to people struggling in their daily lives. It is a symbol that shows that no matter where you start off in life and no matter what you're going through, you have the ability to rise above, overcome all negativity and find bliss as you emerge from your struggles.

Throughout the process of the bud pushing through the murky waters, the petals of the flower are never touched or affected by the water, so the centre remains uncontaminated throughout its unpleasant journey. This is symbolic of the purity of the human soul and how nothing we experience could ever taint it.

Symbol of Personal Progress

The physical aspects of the lotus flower have also contributed to its meaning. The lotus flower has many petals that surround the centre in multiple concentric layers. As the petals open, more petals are revealed until the lotus is in full bloom and all the layers are revealed. This process is seen as a metaphor for the progress made in gradual stages to ultimately reach spiritual enlightenment and self-realization.

While the petals of different lotus flowers bloom in different colours, the centre of the flower is typically a yellow colour, sometimes with a greenish hue. This central part of the flower represents the goal of one's soul reaching enlightenment and connecting the Ultimate Conscious. In some faiths, the lotus flower meaning is also representative of the seven chakras.


The Ancient Egyptians also believed in the lotus flower as a symbol of rebirth as it closed its petals at night and would bloom again in the morning. This was believed to symbolize the process where the dead would enter the underworld to be reborn.

It was also common practice for Egyptian women to wear lotus flower amulets depicting Heqet, the goddess of fertility, during childbirth.

In Ancient Egypt, the meaning of the lotus flower was of creation, rebirth and the sun, while in Ancient Greece, the lotus flower meaning was of innocence, modesty and purity.


In Buddhism, the lotus flower symbolizes purity of the mind, body and spirit, as the flower, or soul, blossoms above and moves freely over murky waters, which represents the struggles of life, attachment and desire.

The flower also symbolizes detachment as water rolls off the petals easily, meaning that the purity of the soul, having reached enlightenment, can't be tainted. The lotus flower meaning in Buddhism also refers to rebirth and the core belief of reincarnation.


  • Material: 30% 925 Silver (White Copper plated with Gold)
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