Elegant Opal Stone Good Luck Necklace

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An elegant look Opal stone necklace that is a stone of compassion and sympathy, of confidence and pure thoughts. Opal is a stone with powerful energies that you can benefit from in many ways.

Opal is a stone of good fortune and luck, bringing an abundance of wealth, health, and happiness to anyone who chooses to harness its power.


It was believed to have a strong therapeutic value for diseases of the eye, and when worn as an amulet, it would make the wearer immune from disease as well as increase the powers of the eyes and the mind.


Emotional Healing Powers

  • It can help you to explore your hidden emotions, identify your true desires, and lead you towards a path of self-love and happiness.
  • Opal is a stone of balance and can help you regulate and balance your emotions and moods, especially if your mood changes are due to mental health or hormonal issues.
  • It is also an excellent stone for promoting self-awareness and enabling you to let go of regrets about the past.
  • Opal offers emotional protection and support. It can transmute negativity and promote positive energies so that your aura and electromagnetic field are functioning as they should.

Physical Healing Powers

  • Opal can help with a variety of physical conditions, including the regulation of insulin within the body.
  • It is believed to be beneficial in treating infections and fevers and supporting the liver’s healthy functioning.
  • Feelings of congestion or restriction within the chest can be alleviated with Opal, and it is also said to assist with the pains of childbirth and the symptoms of PMS.
  • Opal is said by many to be a supportive stone for the immune system and for anyone recovering from a long period of illness.
  • Other physical applications of Opal include skin regeneration and cleansing, strengthening the nails, hair, and eyes, reducing fevers or hot sweats, and easing water retention.

Opal, Money And Wealth

  • White Opal, has been seen as a symbol of wealth and status for centuries.
  • The relative rarity of the stones, along with their unique individuality, has contributed to the perception of Opal as a stone of opulence, luxury, and high social status in times past.
  • These days, the crystals’ beauty and their undeniable attractiveness mean that wearing Opal is bound to get you noticed.
  • Opal is credited with the power to bring the energies of change and progress into our financial lives and act as an amplifier and protector by removing the negative energies that may hamper us in our quest for wealth.

Opal For Love And Relationships

  • Opal has been connected to love and passion throughout human history, as well as desire, lust, sexuality, and eroticism.
  • If you want to have these things in your life, you should start wearing Opal stones or carrying them around with you wherever you go.
  • Many claims are made for this crystal in the area of love, sexuality, and passion. It’s a highly seductive stone that will intensify your emotional state and encourage you to let go of your inhibitions.
  • It will invite you to try new things that will please both you and your partner. Opal will unleash the adventurous and wild side of you. It will encourage you to live a little and take more risks, primarily if they can spice things up in your relationship!

Opal is the birthstone for the month of October, along with pink tourmaline. It is also the stone given to celebrate the 14th year of marriage. The name opal is thought to be derived from the Sanskrit Upala, meaning “precious stone,” and later the Greek derivative “Opallios,” meaning “to see a change of color.”

Product Detail:

  • Material: Opal, S925 Sterling Silver
  • Stone Size: 7x5mm
  • Weight: 1.81g

Product Inclusion:

  • 1 x Elegant Opal Stone Good Luck Necklace