Ethnic Tree of Life Wooden Necklace

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The tree of life symbol represents connection and unity is revered throughout the world, making it a popular feature in jewelry. This Ethnic Tree of Life Wooden necklace has that feature that may guide you in your own life's journey.

Buddha reached enlightenment under the sacred Bodhi tree. In Buddhist culture, the tree of life is symbolic of enlightenment and existence.

Meaning of the Tree Of Life Symbol

  • Connection: Circles represent connectivity and inclusion. The roots of the tree reach deep into the earth while the abundant leaves flesh out and upward. The tree poses as the linchpin, connecting the earth and sky is symbolic of how we are all connected by the circle of life.

  • Strength: If we explore nature for the perfect symbol of strength, we think of the unwavering quality of a tree. Trees are deeply rooted pillars of strength, often surviving storms and natural disasters. It takes profound strength to uproot a tree, which is why this symbol represents strength and stability.

  • Growth: Trees grow slowly over the course of hundreds of years. From a tiny seed to sapling to fully mature, trees are in a continuous cycle of growth. As humans, we never stop growing but constantly absorb new information and knowledge.

  • Uniqueness: The word “tree” encompasses a vibrant, diverse spectrum of different species, each one unique and different from the other. Even trees of the same species harbor individuality in their own characteristics. As such, the tree of life symbol represents individuality.

  • Rebirth: With each new season, the trees shift and change. In spring, they flourish with leaves, and come fall, they’re barren skeletons. However, trees are resilient and full of life. They grow and adapt with each season, each bringing a new opportunity to change. As humans, we endure the seasons of our lives, just like trees. To turn a new leaf is to have a rebirth

  • Family: Trees represent a connection, so it’s no surprise that we use a family tree to connect our heritage and ancestry. With each new branch representing a new life. The circle represents a continuation of ancestry, a cycle of birth and life. Furthermore, trees represent fertility and the perpetual bloodline.

  • Tranquility: Nature is a tranquil haven. Ever pack a picnic and enjoy it under the shade of a large tree? Trees provide shelter, peace, and tranquility and evoke a feeling of calm and serenity.

Product Detail:

  • Material: Alloy, Wood, Wax Rope
  • Pendant: 3.5cm
  • Length: 42cm

Product Inclusion:

  • 1 x Ethnic Tree of Life Wooden Necklace