Feng Shui Double Dragon Red Garnet Ring


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Dragon is often used as an auspicious symbol in Feng Shui to symbolize authoritative power, nobility, success, divine protection, wealth, and plentiful opportunities.

The dragon was also known as a rainmaker and brought in the winds of change with great success and prosperity.

Dragon symbolizes:
  • It’s a good luck charm.
  • It’s a symbol of protection.
  • It represents Yang, which is masculine energy.

About Red Garnet

Garnet is an energizing stone used to attract and activate passion and success. In addition, garnet creates energetic and emotional balance in the body.

 Red Garnet Symbolism:

  • Garnet is the stone that represents a symbol of love and friendship.
  • It is also thought to symbolize the mending of wounds between lovers.

Benefits of Wearing Red Garnet:

  • Bring Happiness and Goodness into your life.
  • Protects from negative and evil thoughts.
  • Bring good luck in love and relationship.
  • Reduces depression.
  • Bring success in life.

Garnet helps eliminate negative feelings (depression, guilt) and instill greater self-confidence and mental clarity to promote creative thinking and peace of mind.


Material: 925 Silver, Natural Garnet Stones
Sizes: US 7, US 8, US 9, US 10, US 11, US 12, US 13

Package Include:

1 x Feng Shui Double Dragon Red Garnet Ring