Feng Shui Dragon Turtle Good Luck Amulet

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The Dragon Tortoise, a mythical animal made of the two celestial animals, the Dragon, and the Tortoise, is a smooth blend of ambition and wisdom. In Feng Shui, this good luck symbol is used in many ways to bring around better life.

Feng Shui Dragon Tortoise is a symbol of wealth luck.

Because it is such an ideal amalgamation of the qualities of both the dragon (perseverance and valiancy) and the tortoise (steadfastness and stability), it is a fantastic figure said to instigate career luck and job development, defeating competition and reviving reputation.

Uses for the Dragon Turtle

The dragon turtle image is used in feng shui for a number of purposes, and the image is tailored to make it suitable for each particular cure:

  • To attract wealth. As a wealth feng shui cure, the dragon turtle is placed in the money area of your home or in your lucky direction for attracting wealth.
  • To advance a career. To use the dragon turtle in matters of business and career advancement, choose a dragon turtle with a ru yi on its back, as well as strong, defined claws. Place this dragon turtle in either the north or northwest bagua areas of your home or office, facing your lucky direction.
  • To neutralize the energy of negative stars. It brings strong protective energies due to the fiery and courageous energy of the dragon and the watchful guardian energy of the turtle.

The Dragon Tortoise never reacts well on a confrontational basis, so never place it facing towards you in a permanent position.

Product Detail:

  • Material: Pure Copper
  • Size: 4x3cm
  • Weight: 36g

Product Inclusion:

  • 1 x Feng Shui Dragon Turtle Good Luck Amulet