Flower of Life Chain Bracelet


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An elegant bracelet that holds the meaning of ‘sacred geometry’. The Flower of Life symbol is reputed to have power to influence space/time.

Flower of Life is a complex structure and pattern featuring dozens of circles arranged in an overlapping design. Many people find that the areas where the circles overlap resemble the petals of flowers, and so it earned the name the Flower of Life.

The Benefits of the Flower of Life

The flower of life has several advantages. It is best known for the spiritual field. By placing the flower of life in a place favorable to mediation and personal reflection, one can feel vibrations and a soothing atmosphere. We can feel calm, rested; we can make all the negative energies, stress, and worries that accumulate in our daily lives disappear.

The flower of life gives off strong and stable waves, which allow for expression and spreading. It spreads energy that contributes to the harmonization of the environment. Additionally, the flower of life has the virtues of regeneration, balance, dynamism, and protection.

The Flower Of Life Symbols

  • The pattern of all creation, making it a key for unlocking true understanding and enlightenment

  • Learning the secrets behind major conspiracies, health problems, and other issues
  • Connecting with your higher self and leaving your incomplete and flawed self behind

  • The circular nature of reality, either as a symbol of reincarnation or reconnecting with the universe

  • The raw materials of all existence, since many sacred geometry enthusiasts connect it with the five Platonic solids

  • A literal or symbolic portal to travel through dimensions or outer space

Product Detail:

  • Material: Stainless Steel

  • Bead Size: 22.3x17.7mm

  • Length: 18cm; extension: 5cm

  • Weight: 5.94g

Product Inclusion:

  • 1 x Flower of Life Chain Bracelet