Fluorite Stone Crystal Point

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If you're looking for a stone that brings clarity and focus, look no further than Fluorite Stone.

Fluorite Stone is a wonderful healer on many, many levels. Because of the extensive range of colors, it has multiple talents! The green color brings an energy of solid focus and promotes purity. The purple color focuses on your intuition and helps you move forward and make critical decisions.

The blue color promotes your self-expression and helps you work towards your goals. The yellow/gold colors promote joy, happiness, and well-being and give an all-around boost in personal energy. Finally, the transparent portion brings focus and clarity to both the emotional and the mental senses.

The best artisans crafted each stone grinding using 100% natural fluorite quartz crystal. This Fluorite Stone Crystal Point is a collection of beautiful colors, but besides being beautiful, it also has a very beneficial interest in healing—even healing!

It is mainly used by therapists and people with knowledge of chakras (vital centers present in the body) who use it to bring rebalance chakras that may be out of balance. Apart from healing related to lithotherapy (using stones as healing tools), this Fluorite Stone Crystal Point will be a valuable decorative item in your home.