Fortune Pixiu Abacus Ring

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Fortune Pixiu Abacus Ring is also called "Fu Yuan" and represents wealth, prosperity, long life, and good luck. The Abacus ring has become an integral part of Chinese traditional culture.

This Pixiu abacus ring is made of 925 silver and inlaid with metal. It has a size of 12.5 mm (front width), which is adjustable to fit all sizes of fingers.

Moreover, the metal pixiu on the front represents abundance, fortune, fertility, and overall good luck. It is decorated like a guardian beast to protect you from bad luck and bring you only good luck.

In addition, the Pixiu abacus ring is a unique, elegant, and good-looking piece of jewelry. It is a perfect gift for you, your loved ones, and your friends. As the Fortune Pixiu ring has high-quality craftsmanship, You can wear this piece every day and everywhere you go.