Fortune Rabbit White Chalcedony Bracelet

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Get ready to receive good luck and fortune in the Year of Water Rabbit.

About Rabbit

The rabbit symbolizes sensitivity, gentleness, fertility, haste, new beginnings, the moon, and good luck.

As a symbol of gentleness, the rabbit reminds us to handle others with empathy and compassion. Everyone has battles to fight on their soul's journey. The rabbit spirit animal says – Go easy.

Also, the rabbit is a positive sign of a new beginning in your life or the opportunity to start fresh.


About White Chalcedony Stones

White Chalcedony is a "Stone of Harmony." It protects against negative influences, increases energy, and promotes emotional balance. Chalcedony absorbs negativity and dissipates it, allowing you to feel the warmth of inner stability and self-assurance.

Benefits of White Chalcedony Stones

  • Wards off feelings of hostility
  • Sadness
  • Boosting confidence
  • Enthusiasm
  • Brings balance to your mind, body, and emotions.

Proper Care of Chalcedony

When cleaning the stone, mild soap and warm water suffice. Be sure to rinse thoroughly to remove any soap residue. Chalcedony is porous, so harsh chemicals such as bleach should be avoided to preserve the integrity and quality of the stone.


Jade Stone properties

Jade is a stone that does not demand from you. But instead, it gives you all the love and courage you need to raise your vibrations, tap into your dreams, and welcome all the beautiful things that want to come to you.

Benefits of Jade Stone


Jade stone is sometimes referred to as the lucky or happiness stone.


It's also believed that jade stone has healing properties. It is associated with bringing tranquility and calm to difficult situations.


Jade stone can provide healing in relationships and with the self. It may encourage:

  • honesty
  • maturity
  • life force energy
  • self-love
  • self-acceptance

Jade stone has many purported benefits and maybe a powerful stone to add to your crystal collection.


  • Material: Natural White Jade, Gold-plated
  • Size: Suitable for 13-18cm hand circumference

Package Include:

  • 1 x Fortune Rabbit White Chalcedony Bracelet