Gold Plated Buddha Bead Bracelet

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There are various types of mala bead existing and the significance and meaning attached to each. The Gold Plated Buddha Bead Bracelet is a beautiful gold piece that you can wear and use anytime you want. 

The Gold Plated Buddha Bead Braceletwill remind you of your intentions. Simply wear it with you and hold as a prayer or meditation tool anytime you need it.

This beautiful piece is perfect as an adornment, or, a meditation tool, or, traditional uses.

Buddha Bead History

Buddha Bead is a tool commonly used for two things: to keep count and to help concentrate. The beads are used to keep count of the mantra during prayer or to keep count of the breath taken for meditation. 

In some cultures and traditions, using the beads in a certain hand, between certain fingers, and either pushing or pulling each bead has specific energy or characteristic. This practice does not cure sickness or make you rich, but it gives you the strength and determination to achieve whatever you plan or think of.

Buddha Bead Benefits

For Concentration

Mala bracelets are a great tool for concentration. They are created to assist the wearer in prayer, to count mantras, and meditate. The bead can be used every day, on many occasions, be it during a long meeting, when you are stuck in traffic, praying for a miracle, in a classroom, and many more.

Other Benefits

  • Help you to replace negative thought patterns with positive ones.
  • For healing purposes, depending on the material your beads are made of and your personal relationship based on an understanding with it.
  • For slowing down or controlling your breathing.
  • Enhance focus and self-awareness.
  • Learn to be disciplined, humble, and adherent to processes or procedures.

Product Detail:

  • Material: Alloy Gold Plated
  • Color: 24K Gold Plating
  • Size: 17.6cm + 4cm Extension
  • Weight: 8.79g

Product Inclusion:

  • 1 Gold Plated Buddha Bead Bracelet