Golden Bird and Red Garnet Silver Ring

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Garnet is a traditional and modern January birthstone associated with Capricorn (Star Sign) zodiac signs and Aquarius. 

Garnet symbolizes a quick return to a separated love, fertility,and femininelife force.

Benefits of Wearing Red Garnet Stones
  • Garnet is the stone of protection and manifestation. It protects the wearer from negativity and evil thoughts.
  • It induces passion, fire, energy, and stability and is believed to bring good luck in love and relationships.
  • Garnet is a stone meant to bring success in life and helps to achieve the goals set in life by its possessor.
  • It stimulates all the Chakras in the body from the Base to Crown Chakra, and hence meditating with Garnet gives immense strength and balance by inducing spirituality in life.

Physical Healing Properties of Garnet Gemstone

  • detoxification, purification
  • libido, metabolism stimulation, heart, lungs,
  • blood clotting, DNA regeneration, vitamin and mineral assimilation

Emotional Healing Properties of Garnet Gemstone

  • emotional protection, mental illness, hopelessness, courage, positivity, support
  • grief, mourning, emotional pain, confidence, courage, self-esteem
  • balance, insecurity, revitalization, luck, love, success

Garnet is the gemstone of focus, awakening, and creativity. The soothing vibration of the stone will help you achieve your goals, boost motivation, prevent frustration and anger, and reject bad ideas.

About Golden Bird

Birds are excellent symbols of good luck that you can use throughout your home or office.

Birds are also symbols of new opportunities on the horizon. Birds often visit you during times of significant challenges or when you're facing what appear to be insurmountable obstacles. These messengers arrive to let you know change for the better is on the way and to be ready to grab that opportunity so it doesn't pass you by.

Why Wear Birds Symbols?

  • Birds are often associated with good news and displayed prominently to bring growth, prosperity, and good fortune.
  • It can bring about recognition and renown, love and fidelity, and even inspire a departed lover to return.
  • Attract good news with a flock.


  • Material: S925 Silver, Natural Garnet Stones
  • Sizes: Adjustable Ring Opening
  • Height: 10mm
  • Garnet Diameter: 3mm

Package Include:

  • 1 x Golden Bird and Red Garnet Silver Ring