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A Truly Precious Stone: The Benefits And Beauty Of Opal

  • Opal is said to enhance the romance in any married couple’s life. The beauty of the stone has been known to bring out the love and romance in relationships.
  • It is said that the opal gem will bring great prosperity to anyone who wears it, along with love, beauty, and good luck.
  • Opal also helps to boost immunity and metabolism and helps to energize those who wear it. Many different cultures have said that the opal has helped them to lose unwanted pounds.
  • In the bedroom, the opal is one of the gems that help to boost sexual energy. It will help the couple to be more open with each other sexually.
  • The opal is also known to help those who focus their attention on the world of the arts. Writers, musicians, and artists who wear opal are said to become very creative.
  • Opals are also beneficial for the nervous and immune systems. The opal works on the Sahasrara Chakra, which connects your body with the universal consciousness.
  • Wearing opal means luck, power, and high status in society for anyone who wears it.

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