Green Sandalwood Jade Chakra Bracelet

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Are you looking for a new way to boost your life force and increase your confidence?

Then look no further! We have the solution. Our Sandalwood Jade Chakra Bracelet is made from 100% authentic natural sandalwood beads sourced from Peru and India. These beads are infused with jade energy, which will help you connect with yourself and others on a deep level.

The sandalwood beads help stimulate the base Chakra and enhance trust, identity, and life force (sexual energy). Nowadays, Sandalwood bracelets are expensive and exceedingly rare to find. This is because sandalwood is becoming rare/extinct. Many countries are placing a ban on cutting down sandalwood. This is for the reason that sandalwood is becoming extinct. Throughout the year, sandalwood beads have been getting extremely popular due to their powerful benefits and the great things they can bring to one life.

The benefits of wearing Sandalwood Beads are the following:

  • Bring peace and stimulates awareness.
  • Bring good luck.
  • Relieve stress.
  • Getting rid of negative energy.

There's so much more that this bracelet could bring. You wouldn't want to miss the opportunity of wearing this bracelet.