Green Sandalwood Zen Bracelet


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The Green Sandalwood Zen Bracelet is a beautiful and soothing bracelet that you can wear anytime and during meditation. This bracelet will bring peace and good luck to anyone who wears it.

This bracelet was made from all-natural materials, including sandalwood, copper, black sandalwood, square beads, and obsidian beads.

In addition, the bracelet was exquisitely carved using traditional Chinese weaving techniques. This means that the bracelet was woven by hand on a loom. It gives the bracelet warmth and personality and makes it look beautiful.

Sandalwood encourages clarity of thought and perception, promotes tranquility and a positive frame of mind, and attracts subtle positive vibrations. It can also be used for healing purposes or to prevent illness.

If you're looking for something that could bring brightness, peace of mind, and luck into your life—you just found it!