Guardian Buddha Rainbow Eye Obsidian Bracelet

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We believe a rainbow is waiting for you after you move through the darkness. That's why we made this bracelet of natural Rainbow Eye Obsidian. When you wear it, you'll be reminded that hope and beautiful things will always come.

This bracelet is made of natural Rainbow Eye Obsidian, crafted by the best artisans. It will show a variety of rainbow colors once hit by the array of the sun. Of course, each bracelet shows a different color, which is very interesting!

Moreover, it has been known that obsidian is a stone that boosts your self-esteem. For those who lack confidence—such as shame or shyness—Rainbow obsidian will help you overcome any obstacles. In addition, it is a very protective stone; it will protect you from opposing forces, psychic attacks, sorcery, and bad intentions.

We recommend you grab one or for your friends who might need it too. It helps thousands of people worldwide, and we want you to have it.

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