Heitan Jade Pendant Talisman

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The Heitan Jade Pendant Talisman is a beautifully handcrafted amulet that can be worn to boost luck and aid healing in different areas.

Jade is a stone with many benefits and symbolism. Jade signifies serenity, harmony, and purity. As a protective stone, Jade keeps the wearer from harm. Jade attracts good luck, friendship, and promotes creativity.

Wear the HeitanJade Pendant Talisman anytime and anywhere to reap its benefits.

Jade In Alternative Healing

Jade is a popular stone use in alternative medicine because of its light and nourishing energies. This green stone has a soothing and purifying energy that helps with healing, acceptance, and love. It also helps align yourself with balanced, harmonious energy

Jade is regarded as a stone that protects and supports loving heart energy and also symbolizes gentleness and nourishment. The message of jade is "Love and Accept Yourself,"

Jade Benefits


Jade is a soothing stone that is excellent for healing. It can promote self-healing and work on the non-physical reasons for the illness.

Apart from being the stone of the heart, green jade will improve and strengthen the functions of the spleen, kidneys, and even the adrenal glands.

This stone also helps in the treatment of diseases associated with the nervous system. With green jade, you will be able to combat the various effects of depression and eliminate stress. In fact, it also dispels nightmares and bad dreams.

Nonetheless, it aids in the treatment of reproductive problems as well as with childbirth and pregnancy.

Remedy Benefits of Jade:

  • Aids Kidney and Bladder Infections 
  • Opens and Balances Heart Chakra
  • Boosts The Removal Of Toxins
  • Helps Eliminate Negative Emotions


If you want to attract abundance in your life, you should always have a piece of Jade with you.

This stone has been known to help your creativity and offer innovative and new ideas. The stone's energy aids in achieving your set goals. This stone also helps you make the right decisions especially with regards to your business and career.

When you experience a major failure or disappointment in your life, this will support you in recovering.   

This beautiful stone will guide you in acknowledging your talents and gifts which may help you in achieving your dreams and goals.

Jade in Feng Shui

In centuries, Jade has been used for centuries for healing, protection, and good luck. The healing properties of jade also support physical healing throughout the body as well as emotional healing.

The soothing energy of the Jade stone eliminates negativity and is associated with good health, wealth, and love. The energy stabilized through the integration of body and mind. It is also associated with the 4th chakra, the spiritual source of power located in the heart center.

Product Detail:

  • Material: Hetian Jade
  • Color: Cyan
  • Diameter: 38-40mm

Product Inclusion:

  • Heitan Jade Pendant Talisman