Laughing Maitreya Buddha Positivity and Peace Ornament

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The Maitreya Buddha is regarded as one of the future buddhas, or buddhas to come.

The Laughing Buddha, in particular, can bring the energies of prosperity, joy, and laughterto your household, so you can also think about that symbolism as you are deciding where to place him.

When Laughing Maitreya Buddha Positivity and Peace Ornament is properly positioned in your home, it will bring various wonderful effects. This help assists you in attracting money and fortune, bringing peace into your life, improving family relationships, and even success and progress.

Best Location To Place Your Laughing Buddha At Home


By placing Laughing Buddha in your home entrance, you are showing the world that you want to invite this prosperity, joy, and laughter into your life. It also serves as a reminder that you will see every time you come in and out of your home.


A garden is a wonderful place for the Laughing Buddha because it is a part of your home that is very connected to nature. You can bring a stone Laughing Buddha into the garden to invite happy nature spirits and balance the energy in your home and garden.

Wealth Corner

Laughing Buddha is connected to wealth and prosperity; you may want to place him in the wealth corner strategically (you would find this area in your home by standing at your front door, looking into your far left).

Desk or Home Office

Your desk or home office represents your career. So you can place the Laughing Buddha on your desk or somewhere in your home office to invite more joy and prosperity into your work.

Living Room

Because the living room is often where people spend a lot of time, this can be a great place to put the Laughing Buddha. Placing an image of the Laughing Buddha here can be a daily reminder of joy and abundance and a way to invite more meaning into your everyday life.

Meditation Area

Your meditation area is a perfect place to put meaningful items with spiritual significance, including images of the Laughing Buddha, if that resonates with you. Likewise, your meditation altar is an ideal location to place an image of the Buddha or other wisdom deities that represent qualities you aspire to.

Product Details:
  • Type: Ornament
  • Material: Natural Sandstone and Resin
  • Color: Natural Sandstone Color and a Touch Of Gold
  • Size: 11cm x 7cm x 8 cm
  • Weight: 0.3Kg
Package Inclusion:
  • 1 x Laughing Maitreya Buddha Positivity and Peace Ornament