Fairy Light Feng Shui Lucky Tree

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The Fairy Light Feng Shui Lucky Tree is a perfect gift for the person in your life who wants to bring some wealth and harmony into their home.

This Bonsai-style tree design and natural shape will add vitality to any room in your home. In addition, bonsai plants are believed to bring wealth and good luck, so you can expect that adding this tree to your household will double your fortune!

The Fairy Light Feng Shui Lucky Tree was handcrafted with care to last for years. This beautiful tree will add a touch of serenity to your space.

Moreover, it radiates a comforting, ambient light that isn't too soft or overpowering. Also, the tree is bright enough to be used as a book light yet dim sufficient to create a soothing atmosphere.

Just like a traditional bonsai, the tree's branches are flexible and can be shaped in any way you desire, making the lamp suitable for any space in your home!