Lucky Coin Frog Wealth Ring

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When it comes to jewelry, frogs are most definitely lucky charms. Wearing an item of frog jewelry supposedly opens your spirit to good fortune and happiness. The money frog is a money magnet with a large coin in its mouth. Wearing one helps you to protect and expand your wealth. 

Lucky Coin Frog ring attracts and protects wealth, and guards against bad luck. 

There are many tools and cures involved in feng shui; the Chinese frog is the most favorable, though, as it brings two cures with it: wealth and protection.


Brings Wisdom

The feng shui frog is shown to attract wisdom as well. The frog will attract the energy of wisdom and channel it through the house. This will cause an upsurge in wisdom and wellness in the house. 

A Jump in Family Wealth

The frog’s legend goes as on every full moon day the frog will appear in front of the door of a house with a coin in its mouth. The frog will jump inside the houses of those that have great luck in listening to great news. It is said that the feng shui frog in a house attracts the mythical frog that jumps in and increases family wealth.

Brings in Health

A feng shui frog is also a symbol of health. Wearing a feng shui frog will attract good energy that will keep the members of the family healthy and happy. The frog’s red eyes are said to ward off evil and it is said to eliminate the negative energy that latches on to a family. 

Wards Off Evil Spirits

The legend of Chan Chu in ancient Taoism says that the frog was the moon goddess and was cursed for stealing the elixir. However, the frog was then tasked to capture evil spirits and keep the surroundings positive.

Growth in Career

Wearing the feng shui frog while you work can attract good luck and help in increasing your career prospects. It also helps you concentrate on your work. 

Invites Abundance in Wealth

Wearing the frog near the place where you keep money in the house will increase the wealth. The feng shui frog will capture the wealth energy and direct that to the people earning, this positive energy will motivate them to earn more and open opportunities. This will facilitate the creation of abundance in wealth.

Final Thoughts in wearing a Lucky Coin Frog

The feng shui lucky coin frog will allow abundance and wealth to grow in the house. The feng shui frog absorbs wealth and good luck and generates it for your family.

Product Detail:

  • Material: Zircon, Silver-plating
  • Size: Adjustable

Product Inclusion:

  • 1 x Lucky Coin Frog Wealth Ring