Lucky Coin Pixiu Wealth Ring

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Pixiu is a very loyal creature and is said to always attempt to rid its owner's life of bad luck and replace it with wealth. Wearing a Pixiu has a powerful nature that can ward off evil spirits and protect people from harm.

Many people have always admired and respected Pixiu as extremely good luck and wealth symbol.

Probably the most popular Feng Shui item, next to the Dragon. This mystical good luck creature is the ninth son of the Heavenly Dragon whose task is to provide the blessings of good finance and wealth.

A very fascinating fact about this creature is that it does not have an anus, so that, despite its never-ending appetite, things go in yet never come out. This is a unique symbolism, indicating that money will come to you but never leave.

The figurine of the Pi Yao often shows it sitting on a pile of coins, signifying that it will guard your wealth in addition to bringing you more.

The Pi Yao is believed to offer its owner a minimum of eight blessings:

  1. Brings fortune and good tidings
  2. Producer of good Feng Shui or Earth luck
  3. Attracts wealth and prosperity
  4. Safeguards the home and the residents in it
  5. Exterminates evil, adversity and obstacles
  6. Summons windfall luck
  7. Protects from accident during travel
  8. Appeases Tai Sui


Chinese coins are commonly used for feng shui money cures. These coins have many good benefits including bringing energies of money, good luck, and abundance into your life. 

Ancient Chinese Feng Shui coins have already been a commonly used traditional symbol for wealth luck. It can enhance positive chi and prosperity in your home or office. Besides that, it can also be used to protect the household from negative killing energies.

How to wear a Feng Shui Pixiu Ring for Wealth?

Pixiu can be worn as any jewelry. However it’s not recommended to wear many gems along with Pixiu, or they might be destroyed from a mutual collision.

Before and when wearing Pixiu, remember to touch it frequently and let it know you are the master. Pixiu will obey in every way and assist you as long as you take good care of it.

Touching is also a way to connect with it and build your authority as the owner. (But don’t let others touching it).

Which finger to wear a Feng Shui Pixiu Ring for Wealth?

Putting a Feng Shui Ring on the middle finger connects the gap between that finger and the index finger, where the palm’s Wealth Line runs. Wear it on your middle finger to activate its money-drawing powers.

Product Detail:

  • Material: Sterling Silver 925
  • Ring size: Adjustable
  • Weight: 3.27g

Product Inclusion:

  • 1 x Lucky Coin Pixiu Wealth Ring