Lucky Leaf Sprout Bracelet

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A simple yet beautiful Lucky Leaf Sprout bracelet that is meaningful and represents many aspects of life.

Leaves symbolize many things, but the most powerful meaning for me, personally, is that of growth, progress, and hope.


Leaves as Life, Death, and Circle of Life Symbols, It is said that a single leaf is an ancient heraldic symbol that represents happiness. However, it can represent so much more than happiness. In fact, the leaf can represent a variety of aspects of one's life as it is a symbol of life.

  • Nature – In the most literal sense, leaves symbolize nature because it is essential for all forms of life on Earth with its ability to harness the power of the sun all on their own. 
  • Growth or Rebirth – Turning over a new leaf is one popular idiom in the English language, and it means positive change or growth. 
  • Life and Energy – In the same way that it represents nature, a leaf also symbolizes life and energy because it provides for life on the planet.
  • Fertility – People associate leaves with fertility because oftentimes, a plant bears fruit where there is an abundance of leaves that catches all necessary nutrition from the Sun.
  • Death and Somberness – Leaves represent the inevitability of human death just like how they wither and day with the passing of each season.


Product Detail:

  • Material: Inlaid Opal, S925 Sterling Silver
  • Pendant Size: 1.2x1.7cm
  • Chain Length: 19cm

Product Inclusion:

  • 1 x Lucky Leaf Sprout Bracelet