Lucky Pixiu Wealth Necklace

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The Lucky Pixiu Wealth Necklace is a potent gem that will protect you from harm and bring you good fortune. Not only does this traditional Pixiu necklace have a stylish design, but it also ensures its owner is well-protected everywhere they go.

It was made from pure S925 silver with dimensions of 48.5mm in height, a width of about 19.5mm, and a thickness of about 10.6mm. The pendant weighs approximately 22.5 grams.

Pixiu is said to have magical powers to protect its owners from misfortune and harmful energy. They are also considered the god of wealth, bringing prosperity and success to business ventures.

Lucky Pixiu Wealth Necklace is the perfect addition to achieve your masculine aura with its powerful properties; you won’t regret it if you ever get one!