Lucky Red Rope Jade Rabbit Bracelet

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2023: The Year of the Water Rabbit

A symbol of prosperity, abundance, and fertilityin Chinese, European, and some American cultures.

The symbolic cultural meanings of the rabbit are closely related to its living habits, including vigilance, wittiness, cautiousness, deftness, self-protection, and the moon.

According to different cultures, the rabbit can symbolize many aspects of life, both negative and positive. Its primal meanings are fear, sexuality, abundance and prosperity, good luck, intuition, spontaneity, wittiness, and many more.

The existence of a rabbit signifies the following:
  • Success
  • Increase Of Income
  • A Positive Future
  • Abundance
  • Good Luck Bringer
  • Prosperity
About Red Rope

The Red Rope has been worn for protection, faith, good luck, strength, and connection. While there are different views about red thread properties, it is a powerful tool across cultures.

Today many people use it as a reminder that they're not alone. It's also a symbol of being loved, supported, and feeling safe and secure. For others, staying positive while facing adversity is prompt.

It is believed that Buddha's bracelet can ward off evil spirits. These bracelets are handmade. While making knots, they repetitively recite mantras for the goodwill of the wearer. These monks are rare, and you are fortunate enough to have one of these bracelets tied to your wrists.

  • Protection against negative energy and harm

The red rope bracelet is often seen as a symbol of protection from harm and bad luck. It is said to deflect negative energy away from the wearer, keeping them safe and prosperous.

  • Warding off the Evil Eye

As mentioned, the red rope bracelet is thought to protect against the Evil Eye. So, if you feel like you are constantly under a negative gaze, wearing a red thread bracelet could help to deflect that energy.

  • Attracting good luck and fortune

The red rope bracelet is also believed to attract good luck and fortune. So by wearing it, you are opening yourself to all the good things the universe offers.


  • Promotes prosperity
  • Aids Kidney and Bladder Infections
  • Opens and Balances Heart Chakra
  • Boosts The Removal Of Toxins
  • Protects From Deceitful & Harmful Entities
  • It helps Eliminate Negative Emotions

Wearing jade can make you balance everything. Jade is a confidence booster and makes you spiritual. No wonder it is also called "Stone from Heaven."


  • Material: 925 Silver-plated, Lucky Red Rope, Jade Stone
  • Sizes: Adjustable Size

Package Include:

  • 1 x Lucky Red Rope Jade Rabbit Bracelet