Luminous Stone Pyramid Necklace

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The Luminous Stone Pyramid Necklace is a cool piece that you can wear everyday even at night time. It lights up on its own when exposed to dark places offering a light guide. 

The Luminous Stone Pyramid Necklace is a cool gift for your friends, family, and loves ones!

Pyramid Meaning in Feng Shui  

According to ancient Chinese beliefs, Feng Shui Crystal Pyramid stands for good fortune and better luck in life, opening good wishes to whoever is having it.

Benefits Of Feng Shui Stone Pyramid

Allows Easy Flow Of Wealth

This triangular pyramid catches & accumulates the universal energy that allows the easy flow of wealth and prosperity.

Attracts Success

The Feng Shui Crystal Pyramid helps manifest and attract prosperity, success, and all good things. It can be used as a wish pyramid, Vastu, and Feng Shui.

Neutralizes Negative Energy

The Feng Shui Crystal Pyramid renders good health and neutralizes the dark forces & negative energies. The pyramid's pointed top crown that downwards has cleansing effects to ward off evil and ill-luck.

How To Use

  • The Crystal Pyramid can be used to fulfill wishes.
  • Placed in the South West of your homes and offices.
  • It can also be used in Vastu and should be placed in the South East for positive energy.
  • It can be placed on the window to attracting positive chi in your home, shops, and offices.
  • For jewelry, wear it wherever you go to carry the energy with you.
  • Place the crystal in your Sacred Altar or in your Sacred Healing Space.

Product Detail

  • Pendant: Alloy-based Pyramid Conical Crystal
  • Pendant Size: 2cm x 2cm x 2cm
  • Chain: Rope
  • Chain Size: 45cm + 5cm Extension
  • Weight: 14g

Product Inclusion

  • 1 Luminous Stone Pyramid Necklace