Minimalist Evil Eye Protection Ring

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The Minimalist Evil Eye Protection Ring is designed with a black evil eye that symbolizes power This talisman mainly promises to keep you safe and soundThe evil eye symbol is almost always implemented as a protection charm.

This Minimalist Evil Eye Protection Ring is created to protect against ill-wishers. The evil eye started when a curse of a malevolent glare is usually given to a person when they are unaware. Many cultures believe that protection from the evil eye will help avoid misfortune or injury

Minimalist Evil Eye Protection Ring

What is the Evil Eye

The Evil Eye beads also called Nazar Boncuğu are very popular throughout Turkey and most places in Greece. "Nazar" translates to sight, surveillance, and attention in Arabic. Although it is commonly referred to as evil eyes, they actually symbolize good luck and are created to ward off evil.

In Turkey, this symbol can be found everywhere. The color blue is believed to ward off bad luck and the Evil Eye epitomizes the person's eyes who have ill will against you. This amulet has worked to protect and ward off evil.

Belief in the evil eye has transcended mere superstition, with several celebrated thinkers attesting to its veracity. According to the Greek philosopher Plutarch, who in his Symposiacs suggested that the human eye had the power of releasing invisible rays of energy.

Minimalist Evil Eye Protection Ring

Evil Eye Benefits

For Protection

An evil eye charm or talisman is believed to protect from evil spirits and harmful forces. It is said that the eye's malevolent glare inflicts the unaware or unsuspecting.

Good Luck

Carrying or wearing an evil eye charm or casting out an evil eye symbol is said to magically bestow good luck, health, and happiness to its beholder.

Good Aura

With blue as its main color, the evil eye is said to radiate positive energy and possess good karma. The light blue within it also represents the sky symbolizing truth.

Wards Off Danger

The evil eye keeps a protective glance over things to maintain peace and prosperity. May it be to avoid accidents and keep yourself protected from evil wishers.

Good Health

If the true ‘evil eye’ was to cast its misfortune over you, it is said to result in every ailment from insomnia, fatigue, depression, and diarrhea. By carrying an evil eye charm it’s said to keep you healthy and happy.

Minimalist Evil Eye Protection Ring

Product Detail

  • Theme: Evil Eye Protection Ring
  • Type: Ring
  • Size: Resizeable
  • Color: Gold Plated
  • Material: Black Evil Eye 

Product Inclusion

  • 1 Piece Minimalist Evil Eye Protection Ring