Moldavite Crystal Lucky Necklace

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Moldavite was thought to be the stone known as "The Holy Grail Stone." It is a tektite, a stone of intense frequency and high vibration. These natural green crystals are powerful to create transformation.

Moldavite is a known talisman that brings good fortune and protection to its wearer.


In ancient times it was thought to be a mystical stone that could bring good luck and fulfillment of wishes.

Emotional Healing Powers

Moldavite can help to heal us emotionally if we remember that it is aligned with the heart chakra as well as the third eye.

Moldavite can help you to open your heart to love, especially if your heart and emotions have shut down due to emotional trauma or sudden shock.

It is also an excellent stone to turn to if your emotions have become entangled with the feelings of others to the extent that you are unsure which feelings actually belong to you.

Physical Healing Powers

Moldavite can help treat almost any physical condition because of its ability to uncover the more profound, root causes of physical ailments.

It is said to increase fertility and rejuvenate tissues and cells, slowing down the aging process.

It can be useful as a memory-improving stone and is believed to have brain balancing qualities, helping the right and left hemispheres to function in harmony, particularly in individuals who are clearly dominant in one side or the other.

Money And Wealth

Moldavite provides safety in travel, especially when you’re always on the road or up in the air to attend meetings, sales conferences, and other commercially oriented activities.

Its energies will calm your worries and help resolve your problems with money. It will show you solutions and make you realize that money is not the most valuable thing in the world.

It will fill you with the energy of growth, expansion, and new beginnings. Moldavite will also bring you energies of vitality and abundance.

Moldavite works with wood energy in terms of feng shui and is, therefore, a stone of abundance in all things, including money, health, and happiness.

Love And Relationships

This stone will keep your Heart Chakra balanced so that you will have love and happiness to give to the most important people in your life.

It will make sure that you feel right in your heart and in your mind so that you will continue being a ray of sunshine to everyone.

Moldavite will act like a best friend and help you feel prepared to deal with the emotions that come with being in love or being in a relationship. Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world, but that doesn’t make it the least complicated or the least difficult to handle.

Product Detail:

  • Material: Moldavite
  • Stone Size: Random Size
  • Weight: 4 to 6g
  • Length: Adjustable

Product Inclusion:

  • 1 x Moldavite Crystal Lucky Necklace