Money Pixiu Prayer Wheel Bracelet


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The Pixiu is one of the most auspicious symbols in Chinese culture and folklore. It's known for its ability to swallow all things without letting them go, which is why it's considered a source of great wealth.

This bracelet is a gorgeous combination of traditional Chinese design and modern technology. Each small prayer wheel can rotate 360°, which means you can chant a scripture once for every rotation. This makes it ideal for meditating or relieving anxiety—and it's fun!

The whole bracelet consists of several small rotatable prayer wheels with a Pixiu decoration in the center. The back side of the Pixiu is engraved with ancient Chinese coins, symbolizing the protection of wealth. The side of the bracelet is engraved with ancient Chinese characters that translate to "Fortunes and Treasures," while brass Pixiu decorations represent protection from bad luck.

This is a lucky S925 sterling silver Pixiu plus prayer wheel bracelet for you! You can wear it for yourself, collect it, or give it as a gift!

Wearing this bracelet will bring good luck, good news, and safety to the owner.