Natural Apatite Healing Bracelet

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Wear this Natural Apatite Healing Bracelet to let your physical healing begin. Its high vibrational energy makes it a great stone for motivation and confidence, you’ll feel your body become lighter with each step.

Apatite stones have good healing properties, and may also assist the immune system to work better.

Apatite is considered a ‘Stone of Manifestation,’ it is believed to promote intention setting, stimulate the intellect, and clear away negative energy. Blue Apatite is an extremely helpful crystal to assist you to achieve deeper meditation.


Cleanse Your Aura

  • Blue Apatite's healing properties help to avoid mental exhaustion and restore the body to a peaceful balance.
  • By drawing out the chaotic energies that build up inside of us during trying times, it will renew your energy and help you to feel revitalized.
  • Its high vibrational energy also makes it one of the most positive stones.
  • If you have previous trauma or pain that is loitering uninvited in your subconscious, keep Blue Apatite around you. It will aid in nourishing your aura and help you to become whole again.

Reduce Negative Emotions

  • Your mental health directly affects your physical health, so don’t let bleak or cynical emotions get the best of you. Anger and irritability can easily degrade into rage, destruction, and resentment, and these feelings are hard to pull back once freed.
  • Maintain control over negative emotions and treat them naturally. Keeping Blue Apatite on you will soothe these emotions before they run rampant and cause harm to your psyche.
  • In addition to the negative emotional effects that this stone helps to keep at bay, Blue Apatite's healing properties also assist with high blood pressure that is often associated with anger.

Supports Healthy Habits

  • The high vibrational energy of Blue Apatite makes it ideal for intention setting and motivation.
  • These sought-after qualities will keep you on track and make a difference in your health and fitness journey.
  • If your diet and exercise routine needs a boost, wear this stone on your person at the gym and you’ll be surprised by the pick-me-up it provides.
  • Blue Apatite healing properties are known for their hunger suppressing qualities and they help support healthy habits by reducing your appetite and increasing metabolism.
  • This stone also works hard to remove cellulite that already exists.

Promote Healthy Bones

  • Blue Apatite healing properties encourage the strengthening of the entire skeletal system and will assist your joints and bones in thriving and feeling renewed.
  • Blue Apatite will help to heal and replenish your bones, teeth, cartilage and marrow with its incredible healing properties.

Help Improve Eyesight

  • Blue Apatite healing properties can help to heal the strain of blue light. With its restorative attributes, this stone can help to stimulate eyesight and initiate the recovery process so that your eyes aren’t subject to long-term damage.
  • The best results happen when used during meditation. You can also place a Blue Apatite stone in your pocket or your desk with it to feel the positive effects all day long.

Product Detail:

  • Material: Natural Apatite
  • Bead Size: 8mm
  • Size: 18.5cm

Product Inclusion:

  • 1 x Natural Apatite Healing Bracelet