Natural Bodhi Pixiu Fortune Bracelet

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If you are seeking peace and abundance in life, this bracelet that comes with Natural Bodhi Pixiu is perfect for you to wear and will help you achieved your desire.


The Bodhi Seed is a mantra meditation bracelet used by Buddhists or anybody who wants to wear it. Bodhi seeds are from the famous bodhi or bo tree where Siddharta Gautama Buddha achieved enlightenment or “bodhi.”

Each seed brings a sense of peace and wisdom on the path to one's own enlightenment.

Why They are Meaningful to Wear

Many Buddhists wear the bodhi seeds during their meditation practices to ultimately reach enlightenment. The seeds have a special significance to all seekers of divine wisdom as it is under the bodhi tree that Buddha became enlightened. 

There is a teaching within each bead as they can be used for mantra counting, prayer, and meditation. Invite bodhi seeds into your mindful practice and spiritual journey to enhance your awareness and connection.


Feng Shui Pixiu is one of the most potent protective feng shui symbols to attract wealth. The Pixiu is believed to be faithful, obedient, and loyal. And that’s why this creature gained so much popularity in feng shui traditions.

Feng Shui Pixiu is thought to attract wealth from everywhere and ward off ill fortunes, bringing the wearer good fortune.

Pixiu is a Chinese mythical hybrid creature. It has a dragon head and lion’s body along with a couple of feathered wings. It is known as a powerful protector amongst Feng Shui followers.


Guard Home and Ward off Evil Spirits

Wearing, carrying, or displaying a Pi Xiu at home can ward off evil spirits and improve the family fortune.

Acquire and Preserve Wealth

In ancient China, many casinos and windfall venues would display Pi Xiu to ward off evil spirits and gather wealth. In modern times, more and more businessmen choose to put a Pi Xiu in a company or at home to gather wealth in view of the intense market competition. It is said that wearing a Pi Xiu can bring you good fortune when gambling.

Improve Fortune

According to the ancient Chinese sages, fate is predestined but fortune can be changed. In ancient China, people believed that ''touching a Pi Xiu one, two and three times can respectively bring good fortune, rolling profits and rapid promotion''. Therefore, Pi Xiu is also a symbol of people's good wishes.

Drive Away the Undesired Romance

Another magical effect of Pi Xiu is that it can drive away from the undesired romance and prevent the master from unnecessary harassment or family dispute once displayed on the desk.

Product Detail:

  • Material: Natural Bodhi Seed, 999 Sterling Silver
  • Bead size: 8x9mm
  • Pixiu size:24x10mm
  • Weight: 1.88g
  • Gender: Unisex

Product Inclusion:

  • 1 x Natural Bodhi Pixiu Fortune Bracelet