Natural Coconut Shell Copper Mantra Bracelet


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Exquisite workmanship and powerful bracelet, combine with coconut shells, copper, and the Six-Word Mantra that gives you good luck in your life.


Copper Energy bracelethas been used to keep the body healthy, to enhance positive energy, and improve one’s mental health. People also wear copper bracelets to improve their immunity and to ward off negative influences.

As your body does not produce copper naturally, you must add it to your body from external sources. Aside from copper is found in many foods that you eat. You can also introduce copper to your body by wearing a copper bracelet.

Health Benefits of Wearing Pure Copper Bracelet

Boosts Immune System

By wearing copper around your wrist, your body absorbs small amounts of copper into the blood’s mainstream, creating a balance. As a result, the amount of copper clears up the number of toxic metals in the body.

It also triggers an enzyme response in the human body to create hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a component of the red blood cells that is responsible for carrying oxygen from the lungs to the rest of your body. It also aids in the transportation of hydrogen and carbon dioxide ions back to the lungs.

Anti-Aging Effects

Copper’s anti-aging properties have been in use throughout ancient times. The metals contain anti-oxidant features that prevent free radicals and ions from creating a toxic environment in the body. While the copper bracelets cross-link the body fibers, it also slows down the aging process, ensuring you look and feel young and energetic at all times.

Help with Joint Pain and Stiffness

Wearing copper bracelets is known to help with conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain, and stiffness, as well as chronic osteoarthritis.

Copper metal has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the pain and discomfort associated with arthritis. As a result, wearing a copper bracelet is a less costly and practical method of warding off medical conditions.

Increases Cardiovascular Health

Lack of sufficient copper in the human body causes an imbalance that promotes the increase of cholesterol in the blood. Over time, this cholesterol increment results in damaged arteries and the heart vessel. Copper metal is known to put fibers, specifically elastin and collagen, intact.

Elastin fibers enclose significant parts of the aorta, ensuring it performs its functions efficiently. By wearing a copper bracelet, you ensure these fibers remain intact, keeping aortic aneurisms at bay.

Spiritual Benefits of Wearing a Copper Bracelet

Promotes Wealth Creation

Copper metal is the giver of positivity and goodness, as well as the bringer of good luck in various endeavors. As such, many people associate it with positive energy when acquiring property and other material possessions. It attracts money, prosperity, and all-around abundance.

The metal has the power to encourage you to take up financial pursuits, making you more optimistic about your ventures. It also offers a sense of independence when it comes to making decisions. By placing it in strategic spots in your environment or simply wearing it, you can attract wealth to yourself, your business, and your home.

Boosts Self-Esteem

Copper metal is known as a warm stone. Its mineral composition balances the energies received from the cool moon and the warm sun, warding off any negative thoughts.

By wearing a copper bracelet, it enhances your ability to express yourself and accept your genuine emotions, regardless of the situation. If you feel angry, anxious, or aggressive, the stones’ calming energy will calm down all these emotions. It also protects you from any negative energy in your environment.

Anti-Stress Properties

By wearing a copper bracelet, you fight stress and the aging process as it boosts the production of hemoglobin in your red blood cells. When the hemoglobin efficiently transports oxygen to various parts of the body, it energizes them, allowing them to perform their functions optimally.

Six Word Mantra (Om Mani Padme Hum)

Om Mani Padme Hum is most commonly translated as: The Jewel Is In The Lotus.

According to Buddhist traditions, reciting this phrase is one tool that can help aid you on the path to enlightenment, and the Dalai Lama consistently praises its power to purify the mind and help you cultivate inner wisdom.

In the phrase, the “jewel” is a pure state of mind, or enlightenment, while the “lotus” is a symbol for wisdom. In other words, wisdom leads to enlightenment.

Om – The sound of the universe. The universal energy, or God-force, is said to be placed in action through the vibration of the sound Om.

Mani – Commonly translated as ‘jewel,’ Mani should really be viewed in terms of each syllable. The first, “ma” sound is intended to release jealousy and attachment, while the “ni” sound is intended to cultivate self-compassion and patience as we release desires.

Padme – Often translated as lotus, and represent a symbol for wisdom. The first syllable, “pad,” releases judgments and prejudices that we hold, while the second syllable, “me,” increase our concentration as we release those judgments.

Hum – The final syllable, hum is said to represent the unshakeable force, and is used to cultivate a sense of inner wisdom while releasing thoughts of hatred or aggression.

Product Detail:

  • Material: Natural coconut shell, copper
  • Bead size: 5mm

Product Inclusion:

  • 1 x Natural Coconut Shell Copper Mantra Bracelet