Natural Green Stone Malachite Gold Necklace


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The Natural Green Stone Malachite Gold Necklace is available in two different styles - the greenstone pendant and antique pendant. These necklaces are designed for beauty and class.  

The Natural Green Stone Malachite Gold Necklace is a classy piece with a vintage look that you can wear to whatever occasion or on a regular day. Green Malachite is a popular stone that absorbs negative energy and clears the chakras and activates positivity. 

Malachite Benefits

Malachite represents deep healing of nature and represents the innate beauty of flowers, trees, roots, and plants.  Malachite is said to heal physical and mental stress as it draws out negativities and cleanse the aura and energy of the body.

Considered as the eye stones, Malachite is believed to enhance great visionary powers that are used to ward off negative happenings. This deep green stone is also considered as a protection stone. It is also an effective guard against radiation and clears electromagnetic pollution.

Physical Healing

Malachite is an effective remedy for female problems, especially for the proper regulation of the menstrual cycle. It also eases cramps some cultures call this stone as the Midwife Stone because of its healing benefits. 

Malachite also relieves cold sweats, malaria, trembling, and Parkinson's disease. It is also believed to help with asthma, intestinal problems, and rheumatic pain. It is a diuretic stone and can help cure kidney and gallstones. 

Malachite is said to enhance the immune system and stimulates the liver to release toxins. The deep healing properties of this stone are believed to help treat epilepsy, travel sickness, and vertigo.

Emotional Healing

The Malachite is a stone of transformation. It encourages change and emotional risk-taking as it draws out deep feelings and allows you to break unwanted ties. The greens stone encourages communication, relationship, and spiritual awakening.

Malachite helps battle depression and anxiety, gives resistance to emotional blackmail, and heals emotional abuse. Malachite is a stone that aids in overcoming fear from a different aspect. It helps the wearer find the strength to move on and face challenges.

Malachite History

The name Malachite may come from the Greek word malakee, or malache, signifying the resemblance of Mallow leaves. 

Well known to ancient Egyptians, Malachite mines were in use between the Suez and Sinai as early as 4000 B.C. [Kunz, 97] It was also popular with the ancient Greeks and Romans, for jewelry, ornaments, and in powdered form, for eye shadow. In the Middle Ages, Malachite was believed to protect against the "Evil Eye" and to cure various stomach ailments. Russian czars used Malachite for ornaments and paneling for their castles and intricate inlay work. [Simmons, 247]

Product Detail

  • Style A - Green Stone Pendant
  • Size: 41cm + 5cm extension chain
  • Square Stone Pendant: 1.3cm
  • Style B - Antique Woman Pendant
  • Size: 47 + 4cm
  • Pendant Height:  2.8cm

Product Inclusion

  • 1 Style A or Style B Natural Green Stone Malachite Gold Necklace