Natural Jade Hugging Buddha Necklace

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Buddha is a man who acts uniquely. He did not only do good deeds but also taught people how to live their lives. In this case, he is considered a symbol of wisdom, peace, and happiness.

Buddha Symbols


Buddha is known for his wisdom and knowledge about life. He knows how to achieve peace and happiness by following his teachings.


Buddha ended the war in his lifetime, showing us that he has the power to make us peaceful beings. Therefore, we can learn from him by trying to be peaceful with each other and with nature itself.


Buddha did not just teach us about what he thought was right but also showed us the path toward happiness without any obstacles or problems. This indicates that there are no limits to achieving satisfaction. After all, we can reach anything we want if we work hard!

About Jade

Jade is a stone of the Earth element. It is associated with grounding, self-protection, and protection from negative energyand illness.

Jade symbolizes inner strength, self-awareness, and intelligence. As a crystal, jade represents purity, honesty, and trustworthiness.

Benefits of using Jade Stone
  • It can absorb negative energy, making it an excellent choice for clearing space in your life that needs clearing out.
  • Jade can help you create new relationships or attract love into your life.
  • Jade can also be used in a guided meditation to help you connect with your inner wisdom and truth.


  • Material: Natural Jade
  • Weight: 10g
  • Pendant Size: 26x22mm
  • Chain Length: 70cm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Natural Jade Hugging Buddha Necklace